The Exciting Possibilities of Virtual Reality

Few technologies have captured and sustained the amount of attention virtual reality has. While various concepts have floated around since the mid-20th century, this current hype arguably started with the launch of Google Glass in 2013. However, a decade later, critics would say there is still no “killer app” or must-have device for virtual reality, even as Big Tech and smaller firms flock to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) every year with new offerings.

That said, not all technologies need to evolve rapidly or need to have immediate application. It might be worth remembering that the internet itself was born in the mid-1950s but took almost a half-century to become indispensable.

We at Brahmarsive are excited about the potential of Virtual Reality and believe it is more than a few showy games and devices. It truly has the potential to transform various industries and our lives. Every two weeks, we will be sharing a new blog post deep-diving into VR’s potential in a particular industry. But to whet your virtual appetites, here’s a broad overview of how VR can be useful to any business in any sector.

Training & Education

It’s no surprise that we retain more when we have an experience, versus just reading about one. VR offers an immersive way to learn. While it has the potential to upend brick-and-mortar schoolhouse education, it also offers exciting possibilities for industry professionals to upskill themselves – think of engineers learning new technologies, or surgeons learning about new procedures. As haptic technologies improve as well, VR could transform the way we learn.

Bridging the Once Remote

While the jury is still out as to whether virtual avatar meetings are a good thing, there is no denying that bridging physical gaps can improve productivity and outcomes. Remote surgeries and assembly come to mind, as do remote drone and monitoring technologies. Perhaps in the future, technology will improve to a point where “full-body” avatar meetings don’t feel as awkward as they do now, and they will become de facto!

Simulations and Analysis

When you combine the learning/research/testing potential of simulations with the power of VR, you get a potent mix. Almost every industry stands to benefit from immersive “what-if” moments – from the military to medicine, from crowd control to sports training. The benefits are immense: quicker rollouts, less risk, more creativity, and the possibility for all kinds of data and insights to present themselves.

Marketing and Demos

This is a no-brainer: imagine experiencing the various places you are considering for your next vacation before booking your tickets! Now think about what this may mean for the automobile, real estate and retail industries. Stakeholders will be able to easily visualize what a new product or service might mean or do for them.

Gamification and Immersion

This is a broad spectrum that covers everything from entertainment (immersive games and content), therapy (acting as a safe space), medical recovery (guided, fun physiotherapy), and much more.

As with any new technology, we have probably not realized the full potential of VR just yet – just as those DARPA scientists wouldn’t have imagined what their “internetworking” experiment in the ‘50s would lead to! In this forthcoming series of posts, we will be outlining the potential for VR in several industries. We hope you come along for the virtual ride!

This post has been researched by Deivanai Durairaj, Senior Product Manager AR|VR, Brahmarsive.


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